Posted on Oct 4, 2018

Freeman's Upholstery


This question is asked of us every so often, and it is not easy to answer. Quite often, it is much less expensive to buy new furniture than to reupholster your old, but sometimes your old furniture is simply better than what you can buy!

If your decision is based on economics alone, perhaps buying new is the best option. Spending perhaps $350-450 to reupholster your old chair vs. buying a new one from the furniture store down the street for $299 (or even less!) leaves no question as to what is the best option for the person who has to be budget conscious. We understand. Some individuals with limited income must do what they have to do to survive. Reupholstering furniture is not one of life's necessities, and we would never pressure someone into spending money they don't really have.

For all other potential customers asking the above question, we counter with this question: Is your piece of furniture of better quality than what you might find in the showroom. Keeping in mind that even prestigious brands are not what they used to be, this question factors into the decision-making process. If what you have is of sturdy construction and simply needs a makeover, you might be better off reupholstering simply because your piece probably has more life in it than the brand new item in most furniture stores.

The best part about it is we are always willing to evaluate what you have and make honest recommendations.

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